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Q&A | 20 Questions for Nicole Lizée

By Michael Vincent on March 13, 2015

Nicole Lizée
Nicole Lizée

Every so often, MT poses 60 questions to a local or visiting artist in Toronto who has made our classical music community that much more interesting. They pick and choose. The minimum response is 20 answers. A kind of Rorschach personality test, if you will.

Nicole Lizée is a Montreal based composer who has been called a “brilliant musical scientist”. Her voice is inspired by an eclectic mix of influences including old MTV videos, turntablism, rave culture, Hitchcock, Kubrick, 1960s psychedelia and 1960s modernism. She is fascinated by forgotten sounds, analogue technology and, “glitches”, which she weaves throughout her work.


Default drink/cocktail of choice?

Bourbon and Old Fashioneds

Name your favourite concert hall/venue anywhere

SoundBox (San Francisco) and Royal Albert Hall

Your first three record store purchases

Ratt: Out of the Cellar, Def Leppard: Pyromania, Scorpions: World Wide Live

If you could board a plane this afternoon, where would it be taking you?

San Francisco or anywhere in Italy

The strangest place you’ve ever been to?

Hooters in Old San Juan

Where was the last place you traveled to for work or pleasure?

San Francisco

Shoe of choice?

Old Skool Asics and Fluevogs

The different career path that you could have gone on?


Your three favourite films?

Rear Window, The Outsiders, WarGames

What are you listening to as you answer these questions?

We Five (1960s California group)

What is the game that you’re best at?

Tennis, poker

What is the one animal that scares you the most?


Scariest situation you’ve ever been in?

Among bats

Your least favourite word?


The first album that made you love music?

Nana Mouskouri: Song for Liberty. I was a huge Mouskouri fan throughout my childhood and would draw her name on my binder next to Iron Maiden and Dokken

Three pieces, songs, or arias that you could listen to on repeat for an hour?

Strauss: Zueignung (Jessye Norman version), Schumann: Symphonic Études – Étude 2, Kate Bush: Under the Ivy, Love: Andmoreagain

The one place that you have the least interest in ever visiting?

Any place with cockroaches bigger than my hand

The first three things that you do every morning?

Coffee, parts, give peanuts to the squirrels that live in our trees

The best way to die?

Copying parts

The piece of music you want played at your funeral?

One of the parts that killed me

Michael Vincent
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