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On An Overgrown Path loses its way

By Michael Vincent on March 18, 2014



To the right of this column you will find a link to On An Overgrown Path, a blog run and authored by Bob Shingleton. It has been one of the most read classical music blogs across the globe for the past 10 years.

Just as John Terauds shocked readers by announcing his leaving Musical Toronto, and it’s subsequent afterlife in my hands, there is another lost to announce to the classical music and opera blogosphere.

Shingleton has decided that he no longer has the same enthusiasm for blogging as he once had, and will be moving on to other things. “I’ve said my piece and I’ll leave it all up to you”.

“…Writing long-form is very time consuming, and the fragmentation of posting and commenting across multiple platforms has added to that workload,” explained Shingleton in his final post last Sunday. He felt that in recent months the enjoyment of blogging has diminished, and suspected that “if this is the case for the author, it is also the case for the reader.”

As a frequent reader of On An Overgrown Path, I will certainly miss his witty intelligence, poise, and thoughtfulness. He was a pioneer in an often fleeting medium, and to have lasted ten years is an accomplishment in itself.


Michael Vincent

Michael Vincent
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