York Crosstown

York Crosstown neighbourhoods includes Weston at the northwest end of the city, Mount Dennis, Rockcliffe-Smythe, Lamton, Runnymede, Baby-Piont, Old mill, Harwood, Silverthorne, Faibank, and Humewood-Cedervale “The Woods” down St. Clair Avenue.

From the rolling hills that climb their way northward from Rogers Road to the northern tip of Fairbank at Briar Hill Avenue, and Old world charm, this is a beautiful part of Toronto. A lot of the houses in this area are generally two story brick American Craftsman style, and is primarily a working-class neighbourhood. However, the Baby-Piont area is a swanky part of the York-Crosstown area, and was a former Iroquois village, occupied by the Seneca and Mohawk in the 1600’s.





  • Annual Ukrainian Festival in September (music, foods and crafts).
  • July Festival, which is a local fair of amusements and entertainment.
  • Halloween Festival on Armadale Avenue, Beresford Avenue and Glendonwynne Road (family-friendly activities).
  • Participates in the Toronto city-wide “Cavalcade of Lights” (December)

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