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Ludwig Van

Ludwig Van

Do you know something Ludwig Van should investigate? Here’s how to get in touch.

News at Ludwig Van often starts with a tip. We’re always looking for possible stories that offer insight into how Canada’s small and insular arts community works. These stories are important to keep those responsible for shaping our arts community honest and accountable for their actions. Evidence in the form of documents or a statement on the record is the cornerstone of ethical and reliable journalism, and we will take that over a hunch any day.

If you are privy to information that you think the public should know about, we want to hear from you!

How to Tip Ludwig Van

Email is the most direct and easiest way to reach us. Send tips to Ludwig Van here: holler@ludwig-van.com. We read all emails but will only reply if we are interested. If we do, you should hear back from us in within the week.

If you are at risk of reprisals, do not use your work email address or your work computer. We recommend you create a new email account for communication with us, and use a public Wi-Fi internet connection: via a public library or Starbucks.

Text message

You can also send tips to Ludwig Van using the secure Signal app, which encrypts text messages and phone calls. Use this only on your personal phone (no work phones!).

You can send tips to Ludwig Van with Signal here: +1-289-242-4435


To send us documents anonymously,  reach out via one of the methods above, and we will send you a secure password to access our Dropbox account where you can upload files securely.

This all sounds like a little cloak and dagger, doesn’t it?

The reality of being online is that you are always leaving a trail of breadcrumbs behind you that can be found by others intent on looking for it. While the methods above help hide those breadcrumbs, there is nothing more secure than handling things personally. In regards to sharing sensitive documents, this is always the best and safest route to take.

Ludwig Van diligently protects the identities of our sources and keeps the information they give us confidential. We do not make any warranties as to any of the methods listed above. Each method should be used at your own risk.

— — — — —

News We broke from tips

2014: London Orchestra silenced  | Link 1 | Link 2

2015: Valentina Lisitsa banned from TSO performance over political views | Link 1Link 2Link 3Link 4

2016: Canadian Opera Company launch vendetta against music critic Arthur Kaptainis | Link

2015–2017: The Jeff Melanson Saga | Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3

2017: Two Canadian Opera Company Performers Seriously Assaulted In Possible Hate Crime | Link

2018: Conductor Noel Edison accused of sexual harassment. Full coverage archived here.


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