Busted! Beethoven did not keep conducting the Ninth after the music stopped

By John Terauds on January 17, 2014


Our digitally connected age is amazingly good at illuminating dark places. It is even better at perpetuating lies — some of which are centuries old.

Australia’s excellent Limelight magazine, which has remade itself into an richly populated source of all sorts of interesting arts news and information with an especially strong presence for opera and art music, this week published an excellent compilation of the classical world’s urban myths.

Some of them are true; some aren’t.

Because Limelight is Australian, it includes the country’s iconic composer Percy Grainger, with some personal details about his life I feel I would’ve been better off not knowing. But are all of those details true?

“Classical Music Mythbusters” is light and enlightening reading for a winter weekend.

John Terauds

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