Latest interactive app from Touch Press features pianist Stephen Hough and Liszt Piano Sonata

By John Terauds on July 11, 2013


Want to experience a performance from several different visual perspecitves? Sure. Need historical background? No problem. All these bits and pieces come together in another slick little app from Touch Press, one of the rare developers to pay attention to art music.

The piece is Franz Liszt’s iconic B-minor Piano Sonata. The performer is Stephen Hough. And the experience is entirely your own — whether simply listening, or finding a mix of visuals and text to provide some depth to the musical experience.

It’s not cheap at $13.99 (Cdn) from the iTunes store — but there’s nothing like it on the market

You can find out more about the app, which was released yesterday, here. And this is the promotional video:

John Terauds

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