Video: Emile Naoumoff posts passing thoughts as improvisations every day

By John Terauds on February 10, 2012

Emile Naoumoff is a Bulgarian-born, French-raised and educated pianist who counted among Nadia Boulanger’s last group of students. He has, since 1998, been on the faculty at Indiana University’s music school in Bloomington. He also runs a summer music academy in a château in Yvelines, on the far-western fringes of Paris.

Like many bloggers, he has thoughts he wants to record every day, in the form of improvisations at the piano. In slightly less than a year, he has posted 690 improvisations under the YouTube name Dafénéo, no doubt inspired by Eric Satie’s lovely mélodie.

He seems sane enough in No. 2, posted last March. But what is a serious music school or its students supposed to think about No. 640, from two weeks ago, or No. 690, posted yesterday?

Is this a silly act by a serious musician, much like Satie’s antics were?

(I clearly have nothing better to wonder about on a grey February afternoon.)

John Terauds

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