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THE SCOOP | Meet 'Glenn Gould's Chair' — A New Classical Music Podcast By Ludwig Van

By Ludwig Van on September 19, 2018

Michael Vincent and Lorne Tulk
Lorne Tulk and Host Michael Vincent pose with one of four newly found Glenn Gould chairs.

Glenn Gould performed for over 21 years using a small, portable folding chair that has become an object of reverence for Gould devotees. He was obsessed with it, and wouldn’t perform on anything else.

The stuffing has long since disappeared, and the only thing that kept it from falling apart is some duct tape, screws, and piano wire. Despite its condition, it’s memory survives.

In this podcast, we take you on a journey into the relationship between pianist Glenn Gould and his “pygmy” chair.

A mystery unfolds, launching listeners down a path towards uncovering a secret behind one of history’s most fascinating pianists.

“Monsieur, you vill not speak disrespectfully of a member of ze family! It is a boon travelling companion, without which I do not function, I cannot operate. It has been with me for 21 years, zis thing, this chair!” — Glenn Gould

A new episode will drop every Wednesday through Oct. 17.

To listen, head over to our show page here, and if you like what you hear, subscribe. (It’s free!).

Each show is hosted by Ludwig Van editor-in-chief Michael Vincent, and produced by Michael Morreale (formerly CBC, Toronto Symphony Orchestra).

For help on how to listen to a podcast, we recommend checking out this handy guide.

Glenn Gould’s Chair is obsessed over by Ludwig van Podcast.

Sponsored in part by Primary Wave, with assistance from the Glenn Gould Foundation, and the Ontario Media Development Fund.

Ludwig Van
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