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Carolina Uccelli to Receive A Modern Revival

By Michael Vincent on July 8, 2024

Carolina Uccelli (1810-1858) is a name few might recognize, but her contributions to bel canto are nothing short of remarkable. Unlike many female composers of her time, Uccelli wasn’t a nun or part of a musical dynasty. Born into a minor aristocracy near Florence, she showed musical promise early, impressing with her singing, piano improvisations, and compositions. Despite societal constraints, she carved a path through sheer talent and determination, pursuing a bold career in theater composition.

A Modern Revival

Fast forward to today, Uccelli’s opera, Anna di Resburgo, is set to make its modern debut courtesy of New York’s Teatro Nuovo on July 20 and 24. Conductor and musicologist Will Crutchfield, who unearthed the opera in a Neapolitan archive, leads this revival. Uccelli married a doctor at 17 and, after his death at 22, defied expectations by pursuing a professional music career.

Praised by Rossini and Mayr, Uccelli’s work reflects her extraordinary orchestral talent. Anna di Resburgo, composed between 1833-1835, was overshadowed by Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor. However, thanks to Crutchfield, Uccelli’s work is getting a second chance to shine.

Why it matters

This revival isn’t just about unknown opera. Uccelli’s story is a powerful reminder of the many talented female composers whose works have been overshadowed. Plus, who doesn’t love a good comeback story?

Catch Anna di Resburgo at Montclair State University on July 20 or at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater on July 24. The season also includes I Capuleti e i Montecchi on July 21 and 25. More details at Teatro Nuovo.

Michael Vincent
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