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Italy bands together to save Verdi’s house

By Michael Vincent on February 6, 2023

Casa Verdi
Interior photo of Verdi’s home in Milan. Photo via Casa di Riposo per Musicisti / Fondazione Giuseppe Verdi

The Italian government has a new plan to buy the home of composer Giuseppe Verdi in Milan. They will be partnering with opera houses throughout Italy to present concerts featuring music by Verdi, with all proceeds going towards purchasing the composer’s home.

Verdi built the house in 1848, and his parents lived there before he moved in with his second wife, Giuseppina Strepponi, in 1851. He lived in the home until he died in 1901.

The house is currently owned by descendants of Maria Filomena Verdi, the composer’s younger cousin. the Carrara Verdi family.

Family matters

For over 20 years, the Carrara Verdi family could not agree on selling the house, living in it, or turning it into a museum.

After a messy legal battle, Italy’s supreme court ruled that it must be sold, and the proceeds divided among them.

Until October, Villa Verdi was lived in by Angiolo Carrara Verdi and partly used as a museum, with visitors able to tour rooms, including one containing the bed and other furniture items from the hotel room in Milan where the composer died.

Until this past October, the family allowed visitors to tour the house, showing Verdi’s bed and other personal effects.

In a nutshell

  • The house will go up for auction for a projected €30.
  • Because of the historical significance,  the Italian government will be given the option of matching the offers to turn the house into a museum.
  • The house contains many of his personal items, including a top hat, piano and scores.

This move to preserve Verdi’s home is a significant step in recognizing the importance of the composer’s life and work and his impact on Italy and the world. It will also serve as a valuable resource for future generations to learn about Verdi’s life and classical music history in Italy.

Michael Vincent
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