How Much Would Composers Earn Today On Spotify?

By Michael Vincent on August 22, 2022

How much composers would earn today on spotify.

For fun, we wondered how much historic music composers would be paid today for their steams.

Using the $0.0037 Spotify per stream payout as well as Spotify’s reported listener stats by artist, the three top legacy composer earners would be:

  1. J. S. Bach ($268K)
  2. Beethoven ($237K)
  3. Mozart ($235K)


It’s no secret that the business of music-making remains a challenge for regular artists.

According to a 2020 report by Maple Syrup, 184,500 artists made over $1K on Spotify. Only 42,100 made over $10K. Further down, 13,400 people made over $50K and over 7,000 people made over $100K. Only 870 artists worldwide made over $1M.

Lonely at the top 

Spotify’s top three artists in 2021:

  1. Drake ($114M)
  2. Bad Bunny (87.8M)
  3. Ed Sheran ($87.7M)

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